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Transportation News 

   WELCOME BACK for the 2023-2024 School Year!

I am looking forward to another year. My goal is  to do what is best for students daily and meet all of the Transportation needs for Westwood ISD. 
Bus routes will be the same. Times of drop off and pickups will be determined the first couple of weeks. We will use the same pickup and drop off times as last year to start school. 
Loading and unloading areas will be the same at campuses except for the Junior High. Cones are up at the Junior High and we will pick up and unload in that area. Please NO Parking in that area. 
We will pickup at all campuses to travel to Convocation at 7:30am on August 9th. 
Employee/Teacher kids will use Bus 6 and Bus 11 in the mornings. Bus 6 will take HS, JH and Primary kids to the Elementary. Buss 11 will take Elementary to the Primary, JH and HS. 
In the afternoons Bus 10 will take Primary to Elementary. Bus 6 will take Elementary to all campuses. Bus 11 will take High School and Junior High to Elementary.
In closing, if myself or Mrs. Thompson can help you in any way in regards to Transportation feel free to contact us at 903-723-0425. Our hours are 5:30am until 5:30pm.


Thank you,
Phil Nedbalek
Director of Transportation 

Westwood ISD 




Parents, remember to have your child/children ready at your stop 5 minutes before pickup. In the afternoon drop off, if your child is under 9, someone must be there to receive them. We will stop at each bus stop daily for bad weather days.

If at any time I can assist you with a concern or problem, feel free to contact me @ 903-723-0425.

Thank you, 
Phil Nedbalek, Director - CTPTMO
                                                                                                            Director of Transportation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Westwood ISD

Phil Nedbalek
Transportation Director
(903) 723-0425


Angela Thompson
Transportation Secretary
(903) 723-0425
Brian Holman
Transportation Maintenance
Gene Johnson
Transportation Maintenance
Howard Ellis 
Support Staff 
Bobby Stanley 
Support Staff