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Transportation News 

Transportation News 6/03/24

I hope you are enjoying your Summer.

Summer School will begin Monday (6/03/24) for all Campuses. We will come to each campus to collect bus rider information and then take the students home this afternoon.

Summer School hours are 9am - 1pm Monday thru Thursday until June 27th. This is 4 weeks, 16 days total.

Please contact your Campus Principal for questions.

We had a great year, Accident Free in Transportation, logging over 311,000 miles for student services.

School will begin on August 12th!! 

Have a Great Summer!!

 If I can assist you in any way, feel free to reach out to me at the Transportation Office from 5:30am- 5:30pm.




Thank you,
Phil Nedbalek
Director of Transportation 

Westwood ISD 




Parents, remember to have your child/children ready at your stop 5 minutes before pickup. In the afternoon drop off, if your child is under 9, someone must be there to receive them. We will stop at each bus stop daily for bad weather days.

If at any time I can assist you with a concern or problem, feel free to contact me @ 903-723-0425.

Thank you, 
Phil Nedbalek, Director - CTPTMO
                                                                                                            Director of Transportation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Westwood ISD

Westwood ISD Bus Rules and Regulations



This is an updated Westwood ISD Rules and Regulations for all bus riders. It is my privilege to serve the Westwood ISD District as the Transportation Director. Please read the rules established and updated as of 11/01/23. Parents, please go over the rules with your children.

All questions or Transportation concerns can be directed to me at the Transportation Office at 903-723-0425.

                                                                                                  Thank You,

                                                                                                Phil Nedbalek



Bus Service is provided by the Westwood ISD District to all students living in the district. Riding the bus is a privilege for all students.

Bus Routes and bus stops will be established at the first of the school year. Each student will have one pick up and one drop off only. For the safety of the driver and passengers, students must board district buses and vehicles at authorized stops and drivers will unload only at designated bus stops.

No child under 9 years of age will be permitted off the bus without an older sibling or someone at the bus stop. If no one is available, the student will be brought back to the Transportation Facility. You may contact 903-723-0425 and pick up your child.

Special preference for students can be made to drop off a child at a daycare or grandparents’ residence with the Campus Administrator or with the Transportation Director approval. The stop must be within the school district. For information on bus routes, please contact Phil Nedbalek at 903-723-0425.

When riding on a bus or district vehicle, all students are held to behavioral standards and student code of conduct.






1.      Obey the instructions of the bus driver and monitor. At no time will a student act toward or address comments to the bus driver in a disrespectful manner or refuse to cooperate with the driver.

2.      Seating assignments will be assigned by the driver and each student will be expected to remain in his/her seat for the duration of the trip.

3.      Board and leave the bus at the designated stop only.

4.      Only students who are eligible to ride may be transported, unless pre-approved by campus Principal or Transportation Director.

5.      It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation to school if a child misses the bus.


1.      Be outside at your bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

2.      Stand on the sidewalk or back from the roadway while waiting for the bus.

3.      When the bus approaches, form a line and be prepared to load immediately.

4.      Stand clear of the bus until it comes to a complete stop.


1.      Do not push or shove.

2.      Use the handrail and steps.

3.      Carry large bags and objects in front of you. Go to your seat and be seated. The bus will not move until all students are seated. Band instruments are permitted, as they are part of the class.


1.      Remain seated while the bus is moving. Each student will be expected to remain seated for the duration of the trip and remain seated until the bus door opens.

2.      A student shall not refuse to sit in an assigned seat or deny another a place to sit.

3.      Normal conversation is permitted. Loud noises may distract the driver and create an unsafe condition.

4.      Food and drinks are NOT allowed on the bus. Water in a bottle is the only drink allowed.

5.     Scuffling, fighting and the use of obscene, vulgar or profane language and gestures are ZERO TOLERANCE.

6.      Do not throw objects inside or out of the bus. Keep all pens and pencils put away at all times.

7.      Do not mark, cut or scratch any part of the bus. Any persons responsible for any vandalism will pay vandalism costs.

8.      The emergency door and exit controls should be used by pupils only during supervised drills or actual emergencies.

9.      Students will never attempt to sit in the driver’s seat or operate the passenger door or other driver controls except in case of emergency.

10.  Students should face forward for the duration of the trip and keep their feet and legs in in front of them, out of the bus isle. Keep all body parts inside the bus and to themselves.

11.   Laptops will not be out on the bus.

12.  Books and water are allowed, no crayons, pens or pencils.



1.      Stay seated until the bus is completely stopped.

2.      Use the handrail and take one step at a time when leaving the bus.

3.      Wait for your turn to leave the bus; pushing and crowding will only slow the exiting process and may cause an accident.

4.      Stay clear of the bus when unloading. Do not chase or hang on the bus at any time.

5.      If an article drops or rolls near or under the bus, DO NOT go after it. Go to the door of the bus and ask the driver for help.


1.      All students living on the left side of the roadway shall exit the bus and move to a point 10 to 15 feet in front of the right bumper and wait for the driver to signal you that it is safe to cross.

2.      Check in both directions and walk directly across the road.

3.      NEVER cross behind the bus.

4.      CAUTION! Be alert for the vehicles that do not stop when the bus is loading and unloading students.



The district’s primary responsibility in transporting students in district vehicles is to do so as safely as possible. The operator of the vehicle must focus on driving and not have his/her attention distracted by students’ misbehavior. Therefore, when appropriate disciplinary management techniques fail to improve student behavior or when specific misconduct warrants immediate removal, the Transportation Director may restrict or revoke a students transportation privileges.

Zero Tolerance infractions such as fighting, profanity, tobacco or vape products or determined by the director will.


Primary and Elem. Students

1st offense: Conference with student and the parent/guardian will be contacted.

2nd offense: the student will be removed from the bus for 3 days and the parent/guardian will be contacted.

3rd offense: the student will be removed from the bus for 5 days and the parents/guardians will be contacted.

4th offense: the student will be removed from the bus for the remainder of the semester and the parent/guardian will be contacted.

5th offense: the student will be removed from the bus permanently and will have to meet with the Transportation Director before returning.


Jr. High and High School

1st offense: Conference with student and parent/guardian will be contacted.

2nd offense: the student will be removed from the bus for 3 days and parent/guardian will be contacted.

3rd offense: Semester suspension from Bus Services, parent/guardian will be contacted.

4th offense: Permanent Bus Service Suspension and parent/guardian contacted.




Phil Nedbalek
Transportation Director
(903) 723-0425


Angela Thompson
Transportation Secretary
(903) 723-0425
Brian Holman
Transportation Maintenance
Gene Johnson
Transportation Maintenance
Howard Ellis 
Support Staff