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Addressing the Board

Your turn to speak ...

The Westwood ISD Board of Trustees invites community members to address the Board during the public forum section of each regular meeting.  Public audiences are subject to the following guidelines:
  • Speakers must sign up before the meeting is called to order. Sign-in cards are available in the Board room at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of each regular meeting.
  • A total of 30 minutes is set aside for public comment, with the allotted time divided evenly among speakers. The maximum time allowed for any one speaker is five minutes.
  • If speakers wish to share written material with the Board, it should be of a non-confidential nature.  Ten copies of any handout should be provided to the Board secretary prior to the presentation.
  • The use of audiovisual equipment, posters or displays during a presentation is not allowed.
  • The Board does not respond directly to comments nor answer questions asked by speakers.  Texas law does not allow the Board to discuss or take action on any issue presented during the public forum unless the item has already been posted for action on the meeting agenda.
  • Speakers must limit comments to issues that can be presented in a public forum. Complaints about student discipline, specific student issues or personnel must be addressed through appropriate administrative channels. Employees or members of the public are reminded that they must follow and exhaust all administrative remedies prior to presenting complaints about a student matter or district personnel to the Board.