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Innovative Pilot Classrooms - Flexible Furniture

Westwood Independent School District has partnered with Paragon Furniture, Meteor Education Team, Indeco Sales Team, Arcobell, VS America, and Lone Star Furnishings to produce four innovative pilot classrooms filled with flexible furniture across the district. The purpose of the pilot classroom model is to study, observe, collect data, and evaluate student learning in a nontraditional modern learning environment.  
Factors considered in this pilot study:
•Need for a Modern Classroom
•Learner Mobility
•Flexible Seating
•Instructional Technology Integration
•Learner Collaboration
•Dynamic Ergonomics
•Physical Space and Student Engagement
For more information regarding the Innovative Pilot Classrooms please contact:

Christine Bedre, M.Ed
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/Instruction and Leadership