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Gifted and Talented Service Design

Gifted and Talented services at Westwood ISD are designed for students who are identified as gifted and talented according to the district's identification procedures. Program service design will include one or more of the following options:
  • Pull-out: Part-time services in a classroom, other than the student's regular class, that takes place on a regular schedule provided by a gifted/talented 30-hour foundational and 6-hour trained teacher
  • Push-in: A gifted/talented 30-hour foundational and 6-hour update trained teacher provides occasional service to a student while the student is in their regular classroom
  • Full-time inclusion: The student receives a majority of their core subjects from a specific teacher or teachers with gifted/talented 30-hour foundational and 6-hour update training, but the classes may include peers who are not identified as gifted /talented.
WISD Services
  • Kindergarten-6th grade: students attend pull-out classes with a GT trained teacher
  • 7th-12th grade: students take advanced courses in their area(s) of giftedness (Pre-AP, AP, Dual Credit)
  • Kindergarten-12th grade: students receive differentiated instruction in their specific area(s) of giftedness in the four foundation curriculur areas
  • Kindergarten-12th grade: students receive social/emotional support to cope with things such as perfectionism, stress, introversion, and social difficulties when needed