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Emergency & Safety Information

Emergency and Safety Information
At Westwood ISD we consider the safety of our students and staff to be of the highest priority.  Campus safety is of great importance to the Board of Trustees and our Administration.  We have made upgrades to our buildings, added cameras and updated our policies and processes to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff.  Westwood ISD is proud of our partnership with local law enforcement agencies and area first responders.  We will continue to work together to provide protection and safety to Westwood's students, employees and facilities.  Westwood ISD provides regular training to its staff for emergency situations and practices drills to ensure our systems and plans work effectively should an emergency arise.  Westwood ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone.
Vigilance is our greatest resource. We encourage students, employees, parents and the community to report suspicious activity, and any safety or security concerns to our Administration and the appropriate authorities. We count on the eyes and ears of our community to help prevent threats to our students, staff and facilities. The community can be one of our greatest resources in protecting our district.  Westwood ISD has an anonymous reporting system that can be found at the bottom of each page of our website titled "District Tip Line."  It can also be reached by clicking the following link: Westwood ISD District Tip Line
All reports to our Tip Line are submitted to our Administration upon completion and submission the reports. 
*Please note the Westwood ISD Tip Line is NOT monitored during weekends, holidays or after school hours.  Should a concern arise during these times or if suspicious activity is noticed that needs to be addressed immediately, please contact local authorities to report the concern.
*Important Note:  Please call 911 for emergencies that require immediate attention.
                                             Texas Bullying Laws
Westwood ISD Tip Line General Information
Westwood Independent School District prohibits the discrimination, harassment, or bullying to include cyber bullying,  of any student on a basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, disability, age or any other basis prohibited by law.  Our district prohibits dating violence and other violent crimes as prohibited by law. Retaliation against anyone reporting or involved in an incident will be addressed under the District Guidelines as set by our Student Welfare Freedom From Bullying Policy.  
If you know someone who has been bullied, harassed, discriminated against, or has been threatened with violence at school or any school related event, please make sure this event is reported so the school can investigate the incident.  Parents, students, or district employees may complete the form on our Tip Line and can remain anonymous.  Incidents can also be reported to a district employee. Employees will contact the campus administration to investigate and resolve the situation following our district policies, federal, and state laws.
It is our policy not to disclose the identity of the person(s) reporting incidents except to the district personnel that will be investigating the report.  Retaliation against any individual who reports, participates or assists in any investigation is strictly prohibited.
When filing a report on our Tip Line please add as much information and detail as possible to help with the resolution of the incident. You may include your name or choose to remain anonymous.
Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Administrative Office of Westwood ISD at 903-729-1776.
Emergency Protocol
At Westwood ISD we take the safety of our students and employees very seriously. We have added more safety measures to our protocol and how we communicate in time of emergency or crisis by instituting the Standard Response Protocol.
Throughout the nation, thousands of schools have implemented this program created by the "I Love u Guys Foundation."  Our goal is to use a standard protocol across the campuses that insures quick and safe communications with all emergency personnel in our area.  
We have regular drills and practice throughout the year to ensure everyone, students, staff and all district employees, are familiar with the Standard Response Procedure (SRP).
The following is a quick guide to the actions and terminology implemented by the Standard Response Protocol (each of these are downloadable as a PDF):